Lucideon Announces New Materials Drying Process Webinar

Lucideon is hosting a webinar titled ‘Optimization of the Drying Process – a way to Maximize Process Efficiency and Product Quality’ on 18th July, 3pm (UK time) 10am (EDT).

The webinar, which will be hosted by Drs Gilda Gasparini, chemical engineer, and Ying Zhu, specialist consultant, advanced ceramics, both of Lucideon, will look into a number of advanced drying techniques, their pros and cons, and also discuss how these drying techniques help to improve manufacturing processes.

Gilda Gasparini said:

“Drying processes are very important in a lot of manufacturing applications.  Getting it right can be the difference between a failed product and one of optimal quality.  Choosing the right drying process and ensuring that it is running efficiently can help to minimize both energy consumption and running costs, while still meeting the drying requirements of the product.

“In the webinar we will take a look at some real world examples of drying procedures.  Attendees from manufacturing backgrounds will likely see some of the issues they themselves have faced with failures or low quality finishes following drying.  We will explain the reasoning behind this and give an overview of how issues can be resolved and best practices to follow.”

Lucideon provides assessment to any industry that uses drying as part of the manufacturing process, including ceramics, refractories, pharmaceutical, construction products and minerals.  Its expert consultancy services can reduce energy and defects and increasing overall productivity.  Having an appraised drying process has been shown to significantly impact upon manufacturing performance.  Lucideon’s drying process consultancy services are supported by its state-of-the-art laboratories in the UK and USA.

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