Ceram’s New Drug Delivery Technologies Showcased at World Drug Delivery Summit in Berlin

Ceram is a sponsor of the World Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit (www.ddfevent.com) that is taking place in Berlin, 16-18 January.

Dr. Xiang Zhang, Principal Consultant, Medical Materials and Devices, is one of the main speakers at the conference. He will talk about the new glass-ceramic controlled release technologies (CRT) that Ceram is working on for pharmaceutical applications, including the advantages of inorganic CRT compared to organic polymeric systems.

Dr. Zhang said:
"As the interest in inorganic, as opposed to polymeric organic, drug carriers grows, Ceram has developed three novel delivery-based systems: bioceramic, water glass and micro sol-gel ceramic, all with specific controlled release rates. Compared to traditional polymeric systems, glasses and ceramics show a more sustainable and reproducible control of the drug release over an extended period of time. They also have the simplest drug release mechanisms, i.e. through molecular dissolving and/or diffusion rather than breaking covalent chemical bonds as in the polymer systems.

"We are looking to form partnerships with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and drug developers who are looking for new technologies that are time-/site-specific, biocompatible and bioactive for topical, oral and intravenous administration of controlled release drugs."

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