Ceram’s Dr Andrew Smith to Chair the Construction Products Association’s Resource Efficiency Forum

The Construction Products Association’s (CPA’s) Resource Efficiency Forum was formed in June 2013 to promote the role of product manufacturers in delivering a more resource efficient environment.

Issues of resource efficiency and waste reduction are of concern, both at policy level and in commercial terms. The forum will facilitate discussion amongst members to develop priorities, policy opinions and project activities. The common aim is to disseminate existing knowledge and best practice in respect of resource efficiency.

The Forum will cover: European and UK policy on resource efficiency, EU and UK policy on construction waste reduction, construction product Resource Efficiency Action Plans (REAPs), and material scarcity and security issues.

Although the Forum is specific to construction products, it will also engage with the supply chain – products throughout their lifecycle.

Dr Andrew Smith, Head of Sustainability & Construction Materials, Ceram, will Chair and Jane Thornback, Sustainability Policy Advisor, CPA, will Secretariat the Forum.

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