Ceram Welcomes Visitors to Open Day

Ceram welcomed visitors from around the world to its Open Day in Penkhull on Friday. A leading expert in innovation, sustainability and quality assurance of materials, Ceram showcased a range of new technologies it has developed, particularly in the fields of healthcare and sustainability. Novel ceramic and clay firing technologies were some of the innovative solutions on offer.

The day also saw the launch of Ceram's new water footprinting methodology which helps companies to measure and then manage the water usage of both individual products and of the business as a whole. The methodology has been trialled with a number of local companies and, while it can be used by any company in any sector, it is the first to be introduced for the ceramics industry.

Tony Kinsella, Chief Executive of Ceram, said:
"Sustainability is a key topic on most businesses' agendas these days - not only because legislation is forcing them to be more environmentally aware but because customers are starting to demand it too. Companies are also starting to realised that committing to sustainability has a positive impact on profitability through reduced costs and increased sales."

Ceram's new Principal Consultant for Sustainability, Joe Flanagan, talked at the Open Day about how their materials expertise can help companies in this area - whether they're looking to reduce energy or water, source cheaper raw materials or develop materials to make products have a longer shelf-life.

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