Ceram to Host SGT’s Furnace Solutions 6

Ceram is pleased to announce that it is hosting the SGT Furnace Solutions 6 on Thursday 9 June 2011. The main themes of the event this year will be the impact of refractories on glassmaking and new technologies to improve glass quality, furnace energy efficiency and pollution emissions.

The annual Furnace Solutions conferences deal entirely with ‘practical' glassmaking issues and are targeted at glassmakers, furnace equipment and specialist materials suppliers. The conference's informal format allows delegates to share their experiences, and discuss solutions to some of today's glass melting challenges.

This year's programme includes:

  • ‘Refractories and Priorities: Some implications - Iteration of cat scratches' (- A keynote presentation by Dr. Eşref Aydin, Sisecam)
  • ‘Glass furnace corrosion and the performance of glass melting tanks' ( Mathi Rongen and Dr. Ruud Beerkens, TNO Glass Group)
  • ‘New premium refractory solutions for high quality extra white glass market' (Dr. Ludovic Massard, SEFPRO)
  • ‘Lining concepts for modern glass furnace regenerators' (Goetz Heilemann, RHI Glas)
  • ‘Spinel Refractories for Oxy-Fuel and Solar Glass Melters' (Chris Windle, DSF refractories)
  • ‘An Integrated Concept for batch handling at the furnace' (Richard Sims, SORG)
  • ‘Precision Control Bubbling - An Introduction to a More Modern Technology' (Grahame Stuart, Electroglass)
  • ‘NOx minimization by stoichiometric manipulation of end-port furnaces' (Claas Heymann, glass global consulting GmbH)
  • 'Partial Oxyfuel replacement in container glass furnaces and its effect on quality, output and waste gas emissions' (Mark Cole, BOC)
  • ‘EN746-2 - the good the bad and the ugly. A discussion on new EU requirements for high temperature continuously operating furnaces' (Neil Simpson, Eclipse Combustion)
  • ‘Informatics & Glass Technology: Learning our Lessons ‘ (Dr. John Henderson, Henderson Technologies)

This annual meeting attracts delegates from the UK, mainland Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Israel, Japan, Mexico and the USA - representing many of the world's major glassmakers and equipment suppliers.

The conference fee, including a buffet lunch and refreshments, is £92.

Attendance at Furnace Solutions 6 qualifies for the Continuing Professional Development programme and CPD certificates will be presented by the SGT.

As in previous years, Furnace Solutions 6 will preceded, on the Wednesday evening, by an informal dinner at The Quality Hotel, Hanley. This ever-popular event allows attendees to meet and renew acquaintances prior to the conference.

Further details will soon be available on the conference website: www.furnacesolutions.co.uk.

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