Ceram Supports Manufacturers and Importers in Light of the REACH Deadline

Ceram is able to support manufacturers and importers of chemical substances with their REACH submission(s).

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals), the European Union's system for controlling chemicals, is being phased-in over several years and the next registration deadline is 01 June 2013. Before this deadline, those manufacturing or importing chemical substances at or above 100 tonnes per annum, may have to register them*.

With extensive materials expertise, Ceram is able to conduct routine and customized analysis of chemicals/materials and provide detailed reports, complete with methodology. Manufacturers and importers can use the reports to submit the required information to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Registration applies to chemical substances which stand alone and those in formulations/preparations (mixture of substances) or articles (manufactured end products). To register substances, companies must submit a report to ECHA which provides detailed analytical information for each chemical.

Dr Richard White, Head of Testing, Ceram, commented:

"The reduction in the threshold for chemical substances registration under REACH will draw smaller volume chemicals into the radar. It's imperative that chemicals are registered to ensure their continued use."

Find out more about REACH and our REACH testing capabilities here

*Certain substances are excluded: radioactive substances, substances under customs supervision, the transport of substances, non-isolated intermediates, waste, and some naturally occurring low-hazard substances. In addition, some substances covered by more specific legislation have tailored provisions: human and veterinary medicines, food and foodstuff additives, and plant protection products and biocides.

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