Ceram Releases Construction Film

We have released a film which documents our unique position within the construction industry; an all encompassing testing and consultancy resource for the entire supply chain.

Dr Geoff Edgell, Director and Principal Construction Consultant, and Dr Andrew Smith, Head of Sustainability and Construction Materials, at Ceram, discuss how Ceram's testing and consultancy services span the entire supply chain, from raw materials and products, to systems and structures. Furthermore, with extensive materials expertise, state-of-the-art testing facilities, regulations knowledge and industry experience, the film demonstrates how Ceram is able to help clients improve performance, solve problems, comply with regulations, realise products and projects from conception through to completion and develop novel products and processes or improve existing ones.

Dr Geoff Edgell says:

"In this tough economic climate, innovation is key to driving profitability and in the film we talk about how Ceram can be instrumental in helping the construction industry to be innovative. The four-minute snapshot of our large-scale Structures Laboratory also allows us to showcase this unique facility: a 300 anchorage strong-floor, overhead crane with 11m of headroom beneath and loading rigs with a 1,000 tonne capacity."

To watch the film, click here.

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