Ceram Publishes ‘Specifications for Tabletop Accessories - A Guide to European Rules’

Ceram has published ‘Specifications for Tabletop Accessories - A Guide to European Rules’.

‘Tabletop Accessories’ include a diverse range of traditional and contemporary items, manufactured from a diverse range of materials. With a vast variation in products and materials, deciding on the relevant regulatory and fitness for purpose tests can prove problematic.

‘Specifications for Tabletop Accessories’ is a compilation of the relevant EU and national regulations and standards, fitness for purpose tests and food contact requirements. The guide is a practical resource for manufacturers, importers, retailers and buyers to ensure that their products conform to European rules.

Electronic and/or hard copies of the guide are available priced at £950.

For further information or to purchase a copy, please contact Joanne Dawson, Environmental Information Scientist: joanne.dawson@ceram.com or +44 (0)1782 764245.

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