Ceram Publishes Revised Guide to Toxic Metal Release from Tableware in Food Contact

A 2010 Guide to Worldwide Standards and Regulations.

Ceram has now published a revised version of its comprehensive guide to Toxic Metal Release from Ceramic and Glass Tableware in Contact with Food. The guide is of particular benefit to the ceramic and glass tableware manufacturer as it provides a compendium of regulations and standards from over 50 countries worldwide. The guide is also beneficial to testing laboratories, tableware retailers as well as glaze and colour manufacturers who all have to ensure that their products conform to international standards and regulations.

The content of the guide is catalogued alphabetically by country and lists the migration limits, test methods along with full references to the relevant regulations and standards.

Electronic copies of the guide are now available from Emma Tang or Carol Baddeley, Ceram Customer Liaison Team, priced at £450.00.

Contact: enquiries@ceram.com +44(0)1782 764428

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