Ceram Publishes New White Paper on Controlled Release Technologies

Ceram has published a new white paper, Towards the Future of Controlled Release Applications.

The white paper highlights the latest new technologies and details the controlled release systems and mechanisms of release currently available. The advantages of polymer, glass and ceramic materials are described, with a particular emphasis on how these and hybrid ceramic components can help to solve the challenges currently associated with controlled release technologies. The white paper is available as a free download via the panel on the right of this page.

Ceram's materials experts are currently working on a number of new controlled release technologies, using ceramics and glass, rather than polymers, as active ingredient carriers, for the manufacturers of consumer healthcare products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The team has demonstrated that glass and ceramic compositions are good alternatives to polymer systems as they have better controlled release rates.

Ceram is now offering client customized formulations for specific applications.

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