Ceram Publishes a 6-Year Review of the Substitute Raw Materials Used in UK Brick Manufacturing

Ceram has published a 6-year review of the substitute raw materials (non-primary clay raw materials) used in UK brick manufacturing.

‘Materials from Alternative, Recycled and Secondary Sources (MARSS) 2005 - 2010: A Review of the Use of Non-Primary Clay Raw Materials in the UK Brick Manufacturing Sector' examines the annual survey results and the usage trends of substitute raw materials in UK brick manufacturing during this period.

MARSS play an important role in the resource efficiency and sustainable utilisation of materials in the brick manufacturing sector; the review also discusses the benefits of utilising substitute raw materials and the usage by production process and primary clay type.

The author of the review, Dr. Andrew Smith, Principal Consultant, Sustainability and Construction Materials, at Ceram, commented:

"There are many reasons why manufacturers within the construction materials sector use recycled and recovered materials in the feed stock for their products. Often from different industrial sources and processes, and potentially destined for landfill, the use of MARSS can provide sustainable solutions.

"Ultimately, we cannot rely on these materials being around forever; as processes become more efficient, the aim is to produce less and less ‘waste or secondary materials'. However, whilst they are available, it is in our interest to provide alternative useful applications and thus maximise resource efficiency.

"The survey not only shows the year-on-year utilisation of MARSS, but also how the flexibility of materials and sourcing are important; materials typically have transient or limited availability."

The review can be downloaded via the panel on the right of this page.

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    Materials from Alternative, Recycled and Secondary Sources (MARSS) 2005 - 2010: 6 Year Review

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