Ceram Presented Novel Inorganic Drug Carrier Research

Ceram, a global expert in materials testing and consultancy for the healthcare industries, will be unveiling the results of its current research into inorganic drug carriers at the Smi 8th Conference on Controlled Release on 30 March 2011 in London.

As the interest in inorganic, as opposed to polymeric organic, drug carriers grows, Ceram has developed three novel delivery-based systems: bioceramic, water glass and micro sol-gel ceramic.

Dr. Xiang Zhang, Principal Consultant, Medical Materials, at Ceram will discuss how his team has developed both solid and porous ceramic particle carriers for drug delivery as well as, for water glass and micro sol-gel, inorganic polymeric matrixes within which drug molecules can be encapsulated.

These new technologies form part of the ongoing innovation work being carried out at Ceram; the Medical Materials team is also working, with newly-patented technology, on new multi-element-substituted hydroxyapatite that, in addition to enhancing the performance of bone replacement materials, can also be used for drug delivery systems. Novel toughened ceramic and ceramic polymer hybrids for bone repair/replacement are also being developed.

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