Ceram Leading the Way in Materials Technology Innovation

Ceram has put innovation at the forefront of its agenda by committing to develop a portfolio of new materials and technologies relevant to its markets. To support the drive of the innovation-side of its business, the company has recently recruited a team of seven highly qualified scientists, with a breadth of expertise, as Technical Consultants.

After starting out as a research association which supported the local ceramics and associated industries, Ceram has, over the past twenty years, diversified into other markets and other materials, bringing its expertise to provide solutions for numerous products and processes, not just those of traditional ceramics. One of the largest markets that Ceram now provides testing and consultancy services to is the medical materials sector in which turnover topped £1million in 2009 and continues to grow.

As Technical Consultants, the new team will work with Ceram's already renowned materials scientists on projects that include controlled release glasses, bio-ceramics and new drug delivery materials, novel methodologies to reduce water used in product/manufacture and sustainability in the built environment, and on radical technologies for the reduction of energy consumption in the manufacture of ceramics, bricks, tiles, etc.

Tony Kinsella, Chief Executive at Ceram says:
"This is an exciting time for us. We are leading the way in materials innovation and, to increase the speed at which we can do this, we've invested heavily in new people and new equipment. We've recruited the best science graduates from the UK and abroad to allow us to develop services and capabilities to help those industries, such as healthcare and construction, that will face significant materials challenges moving forward.

I expect us to be making additional comments about further exciting developments at Ceram and its subsidiaries in the coming months as we carry on making our area a real hub for the development of materials for industrial exploitation."

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