Ceram Invests in Construction Technology Development Group (TDG)

Ceram has invested in its Construction Technology Development Group (TDG) and recruited five postgraduates.

Construction Technology Development Group

Exploring five distinct areas:  Roofing and Cladding, Building Physics, Concrete, Masonry and Steel, the five new construction technology experts will focus on developing innovative new materials, products and technologies, whilst also investigating better ways of using existing products and materials in the light of environmental concerns and shortages.

Dr Geoff Edgell, Director & Principal Construction at Ceram, commented:

“We understand that the key to success in this challenging industry will be investment in innovation, whether that is the development of new products and new processes, or whether that is looking at how building products and buildings themselves can be recycled and replaced.

“Environmental regulation is increasing and key materials are becoming scarce, both real issues for the construction industry.

“The TDG will be focused on finding solutions in the five sectors that we’ve pinpointed as being critical areas, helping our clients to innovate, to source, to recycle and to gain a competitive advantage.”

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