Ceram Hosts SGT Furnace Solutions 5 Conference

Ceram, a leading supplier of refractories testing, analysis and consultancy, recently hosted a unique one-day conference, dealing with 'practical' glassmaking issues.

The main theme of the conference, which took place on Thursday 10 June at Ceram's headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent, was the maximising of furnace life and cost reduction.

This year's programme was bigger than ever.  Presentations included:

  • Optimized strategies for international refractory procurement (Stefan Bald, intco GmbH)
  • Performance and testing of fusion-cast refractories (Goetz Heilemann, Amul Gupta, Kevin Selkregg and Roland Heidrich, RHI Glas)
  • Laboratory experiments and simulations to increase furnace lifetime and improve glass quality (Marco van Kersbergen, Mathi Rongen, Ruud Beerkens, and Hans van Limpt, TNO Glass Group)
  • Your Future is our Technology: A new Approach to Furnace Construction and Repair (Donald Park, Magneco/Metrel U.K. Ltd.)
  • Refractory; Faults, Frights and Failures (Paul Myers, Ceram)
  • Innovative Hot Repair Solutions (Joe Mackintosh, Fosbel Inc.)
  • Cat scratch cord dispersal (Les Gaskell, PSR)
  • Non Contact Infra-Red Temperature measurement (Peter Clarke, Radir)
  • Cercat® Filter : High efficiency and compactness for air pollution control (David Gambier, Maguin)
  • EUTS, 2013 and Beyond (John R. Osborn)
  • Optimisation of glass melting furnace design and melting performance by offline and online advanced predictive modelling techniques (Erik Muijsenberg, Glass Service B.V.)
  • Electrical Energy - The Only Fuel in the Future (Stuart Hakes, FIC (UK) Ltd.)

As well as hosting the event, Ceram was also involved in the programme; Paul Myers, the new Principal Consultant for Refractories, talked about 'Refractory - Faults, Frights and Failures'.


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