Ceram Helps the Healthcare Industry to Understand The Behaviour of Powders

Ceram has published two new white papers for the healthcare industry on zeta potential, a method of characterising, investigating and monitoring surface interactions in powder suspensions -  ‘The Applications of Zeta Potential in Process Control’ and ‘The Role of Zeta Potential in the Manufacture of Healthcare Materials’.

In the first white paper, the in-depth theory of zeta potential is presented and discussed.  The second details the application of zeta potential for the manufacture of certain healthcare materials, such as zirconia for implant materials and hydroxyapatite for synthetic bone replacement materials.

Matthew Cantelo, Laboratory Chemist at Ceram, says:
‘The behaviour of the powder suspension directly affects both product performance and final yields.  Zeta potential can help medical device manufacturers to characterise powder suspensions and understand why their behaviour may be leading to product failures.’

Download the white papers to the right.

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  • White paper

    The Applications of Zeta Potential in Process Control

    pdf 177 KB

  • White paper

    The Role of Zeta Potential in the Manufacture of Healthcare Materials

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