Ceram Gets to Grips with Non-Slip Flooring

Comparative tests highlight benefits of Bonagrip non-slip treatment.

Ceram has completed a study investigating how the chemical non-slip treatment of flooring materials affects surface topography, and how this relates to product performance. Using white light interferometry, Ceram's study compared the effects of an acid etching product and Bonasystems' Bonagrip treatment on ceramic floor tiles. Results demonstrated a marked difference in microtopography, which can be directly linked to product performance characteristics including ease of cleaning and long term durability.

White light interferometry is an optical metrology tool that quantitatively measures and characterises the microtopography and surface roughness of materials. Using this technique Ceram produced 3D representations of the ceramic tile surfaces following both chemical treatments. The images illustrate that the acid etching treatment produces a topography characterised by needle-like pinnacles with deep valleys, compared to the more undulating topography produced by the Bonagrip treatment. Quantitative comparison of surface roughness and peak to valley distance from the treated tiles and an untreated reference confirmed that the acid etching treatment produces a highly pitted surface structure with peak to valley heights significantly larger than that produced by the Bonagrip treatment.

“In practice it is expected that the microtopography created by the acid etching treatment will result in greater retention of contaminants and water,” commented Dr Alan Brown, Director of Development at Ceram. “This will inevitably lead to greater difficulty in cleaning. We would expect the Bonagrip treatment to generate a slip resistant surface with longer term durability.”

The study was commissioned by Bonasystems to provide independent scientific data to explain and confirm the improved slip resistance and cleanability of surfaces treated with Bonagrip in comparison to those given acid etching treatments. More detailed information from the study can be found here

Ceram is a specialist in slip resistance testing as well as surface, near surface and interface analysis. The company is actively involved in a number of research programmes as well as offering analytical services, which include troubleshooting problems, defending product claims, settling commercial liability disputes, reverse engineering and validating new products and processes.

3D Image

The above 3D image represents the microtopography of ceramic tile surfaces after treatment with an acid etching product (A) and Bonagrip (B). (A) shows the highly pitted surface produced by acid etching; (B) shows the significantly smaller peak-valley heights produced by the Bonagrip treatment.

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