Ceram Discusses the Introduction of Structural Eurocodes

Dr. Geoff Edgell, Principal Consultant, Construction at Ceram, is Chairman of B/519 and often heads up the UK delegation to the committee responsible for the Masonry Eurocode. Whilst visiting Ecobuild 2010 that took place between 1st - 3rd March, Geoff was interviewed by BSI British Standards and discussed the implementation of the Structural Eurocodes.

During the interview Geoff provided an insight into Ceram's involvement with the Eurocodes and commented on the differences between the Eurocodes and British Standards. Geoff also discussed the challenges associated with using the Eurocodes, in particular how consulting engineers are learning to use the Codes, and provided advice for future use of the Codes.

Ceram has been involved in developing design rules for masonry structures for over forty years, including the Eurocodes and their predecessors in Europe, to ensure that masonry in the UK will not be disadvantaged by the introduction of rules and principles that relate to the forms of construction used in other parts of Europe. Ceram will continue to be involved heavily in this work.

The Eurocodes are a suite of corresponding European standards for the design of buildings and civil engineering projects, and replace the British Standard. The principle upon which the Eurocode for masonry is based does not differ from the withdrawn British Standard, although considerable work is required in order to develop complementary guidance containing UK-friendly material which is not in the Eurocode and which is more general in nature.

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