Ceram Confirms the Fuel Integrity for Cenex in the CCE Biomethane Vehicle Trial

We were chosen by Cenex to analyse the fuel integrity of Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) biomethane vehicle trial.

With a desire to reduce their CO2 emissions, CCE evaluated and compared the emissions, fuel consumption, economics, reliability and operability of biomethane gas and diesel vehicles. The vehicles' performance was evaluated through a collaborative assessment project, which included Cenex, the UK's centre of excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies, Iveco, the truck manufacturer and Gasrec, the fuel supplier.

Ceram has extensive experience in evaluating biogas for use as biomethane, and was therefore chosen to analyse the quality of the fuel and integrity of the gas supply chain. The analysis confirmed a high methane content and low levels of contamination throughout the fuel supply chain; the fuel exceeded the quality levels required by the vehicle manufacturer.

Stuart Watson, Ceram's Organic Chemistry Delivery Supervisor, commented:

"CCE are re-using waste and reducing their carbon footprint. Through anaerobic digestion, waste products have been transformed into biomethane which is used as a fuel for their vehicles. By taking an innovative approach, CCE have demonstrated the potential of biomethane as a vehicle fuel for other industries. We are pleased our analysis has helped them to do this."

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