Ceram Confirms Manufacturers Being More Innovative

Our response to an article on thebusinessdesk.com was published on 30 August:

The news that manufacturers in the region are having to be increasingly innovative to counter rising costs and a shortage of raw materials has come as no surprise to us here at Ceram. The report by EEF and RBS states that two-thirds of companies have looked to source elsewhere and that 40% have used cheaper alternatives.

As materials experts, we have many years of experience of helping clients to find alternative raw materials and to develop better and new products and processes in order to increase profitability. This process has recently been formalised though with Ceram setting up an ‘Innovation Black Box' for its clients - a partnership that aims to develop innovative ideas, test the feasibility of those ideas and then bring them quickly and cost-effectively to market.

Tony Kinsella, CEO of Ceram, says:
"Rising materials prices and energy costs are forcing our clients to be innovative. From sourcing cheaper materials to developing materials and technologies to produce new and better-performing products, we have the materials expertise, gained in many different industry sectors, that can help them to not only cut costs but also increase profitability by developing cutting-edge products."

Kinsella recognizes that it's not just about developing innovative products though; his team is also working on new technologies to improve manufacturing processes in order to lower costs, particularly the cost of energy which is a big issue for all manufacturers at present. A radical new ceramic firing technology is currently being developed, something which will surely benefit Stoke's traditional ceramic manufacturers, and a new water footprinting protocol, which helps clients to measure, manage and reduce their water usage and therefore costs, has just been launched.

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