Ceram adds further ASTM Standard Test Methods to its Accredited Testing Services

Ceram is extending its refractory services to the petrochemical and glass industries with the introduction of a range of UKAS-accredited (ISO17025) ASTM Standard Test Methods to complement their currently Accredited ISO and CEN Standard Test Methods.

The tests recently added to the schedule are:

  • ASTM C133 - 97(2008)e1 Standard Test Methods for Cold Crushing Strength and Modulus of Rupture of Refractories
  • ASTM C20 - 00(2005) Standard Test Methods for Apparent Porosity, Water Absorption, Apparent Specific Gravity, and Bulk Density of Burned Refractory Brick and Shapes by Boiling Water
  • ASTM C832 - 00(2005) Standard Test Method of Measuring Thermal Expansion and Creep of Refractories Under Load
  • ASTM C134 - 95(2005) Standard Test Methods for Size, Dimensional Measurements, and Bulk Density of Refractory Brick and Insulating Firebrick
  • ASTM C113 - 02(2008) Standard Test Method for Reheat Change of Refractory Brick

This is the first part of an ongoing programme and further additions are planned.

The inclusion of the ASTM tests on the UKAS schedule will allow refractory materials manufacturers to include more extensive test data in their product specifications, enabling better promotion of products. Refractory users will also benefit as the increased scope in test data can only help to more effectively select and compare refractories across world markets.

As a UKAS ISO 17025:2005 accredited testing laboratory, Ceram provides a comprehensive refractories testing service, including a wide range of physical, chemical, mineralogical and thermo mechanical tests for QA/QC, failure analysis, tendering support, product specification and structural modelling purposes. Refractory materials can be inspected and sampled onsite or in Ceram's laboratory to ensure materials are suitable for use and to avoid costly delays.

In addition to its testing services, Ceram also offers consultancy to the refractory industry, ranging from raw material evaluation, refractory design and installation guidance to failure investigations, refractories analysis and technical advice.

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