Ceram Adds Biocompatibility Testing to its Analysis Services

Ceram has added biocompatibility testing to the range of services that it offers to the healthcare industries.

Forming part of its regulatory approval testing package, biocompatibility testing is carried out to ISO 10993 and includes extractables/leachables testing, chemical, physical, morphological and topographical materials characterization and identification/quantification of degradation products.

Gemma Budd, Product Manager for Healthcare at Ceram, says:
"Our aim at Ceram is to provide medical device manufacturers with all the testing and analysis they need to not only gain regulatory approval but also to ensure that they comply with regulations in the long-term. We don't just provide data though - our materials expertise means that we can help with product development and failure analysis, should materials or products, whatever stage of their lifecycle, prove to have issues with biocompatibility."

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