Webinar: Reducing Pinholes - Eliminating Contamination at Source

Thursday 7 December at 15:00 UK time, 10:00 EST

Pinhole faults are a frequent source of defects and product loss in the sanitaryware and tableware industries, plus other industry sectors which use slip casting to form their products.

Pinholes in cast ware are small indentations that are visible after casting (at the surface of the cast) or after firing (seen as a hole in the glaze which penetrates through to the cast layer).  They are primarily caused by the presence of air bubbles in casting slip supplies, which become trapped in the developing casts and form holes at the surface of the cast.

In this webinar, Andrew Perry, Group Ceramic Processes Leader at Lucideon, will discuss the key aspects of air entrapment in casting slips and, using case studies, discuss the methods used to eliminate contamination at source, thereby minimising pinhole faults.

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