Webinar: Optimization of the Drying Process - a way to Maximize Process Efficiency and Product Quality

Tuesday 18 July at 15:00 UK time, 10:00 EDT

Drying is an important process in almost all industry sectors, i.e. ceramic, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, construction, semiconductors, etc.

This process is always subject to two criteria: maximizing product efficiency and maintaining product quality. However, in most of the cases, an efficient drying process often requires high temperatures to promote the evaporation of the water or any solvent from the product.  These harsh thermal conditions can also affect product quality, such as cracking and distortion of ceramic products, or deactivation of important ingredients or undesired phase transitions for food and pharmaceutical products.

To maximize product quality, a moderate temperature could be selected, but this could lead to low process efficiency, for example, if the drying cycles are prolonged.

There seems to be a dilemma between efficiency and quality inherent to the drying process. This dilemma can be resolved either by the proper selection of drying methods/dryer types or by the optimization of the drying profile.

In this webinar, Dr Gilda Gasparini, Chemical Engineer, and Dr Ying Zhu, Materials Scientist, will look into a number of advanced drying techniques, their pros and cons and also discuss how these drying techniques help improve real-life manufacturing processes.

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