Webinar: Chemical Imaging of Industrial and Healthcare Materials by ToFSIMS

Thursday 18 May at 15:00 UK Time, 10:00 EDT

Hosted by Dr Chris Pickles, consultant to Lucideon, the webinar will look at the application of surface science techniques in industry to provide understanding of the distribution of ingredients in materials, with a specific focus on healthcare applications.

Mass spectrometry is a powerful technique for the analysis of chemical compounds.

In the last ten years, particularly with the development of cluster primary ion beams, Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToFSIMS) has become a well established method for chemical imaging.

The technique is particularly suited to the analysis of material surfaces but, with suitable sample preparation, can also be exploited for bulk analysis.

The webinar will describe applications of the technique for problem-solving and characterisation, with examples from the polymer, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

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