Shirley Strickland

Expertise in: ISO 17025 Quality Management Systems, Nadcap-AC7101, GE-A S400

Shirley is responsible for managing all Quality Assurance Programs across our U.S. operations.

Shirley established the comprehensive Quality Assurance program currently used by Lucideon, ensuring that every job we perform meets the most stringent standards for consistency, accuracy, and thorough documentation. Shirley came to the quality assurance field after serving as an analytical chemist in General Electric's Defense Systems laboratory. In the 1990s, she single-handedly established a manufacturer's field testing program for incoming propellant testing to stringent U.S. Army standards. Shirley now has over 25 years in Quality Assurance, materials and processes.

Shirley holds a BS in Chemistry, with a minor in Biology, and an MBA from Union College.