TDP’s MortarFleece™ Developed and Tested with Lucideon

The Challenge

Experts at Lucideon (which was at the time called Ceram) were asked to test TDP's Mortar Fleece™, which is the first product to be specifically designed to prevent damage to mortar in newly-laid brickwork.

What We Delivered

TDP instigated trials at independent sites in the UK, which they followed up with laboratory tests, to determine the exact level of protection against frost and heavy rain, as well as hot and windy conditions. The tests were carried out with two identically built brick walls, one protected with Mortar Fleece™ and the other with no protection.

Dr Andrew Smith, formerly of Lucideon explained; "The use of Mortar Fleece™, in all conditions tested, shows a distinct benefit over lack of protection. Mortar Fleece™ offers protection and ease of use in the majority of weather conditions experienced in the UK, and can minimise intrinsic defects that result from frost damage, saturation of the brickwork and cavity fill, and the reduction in mortar strength resulting from a loss of moisture from the mortar due to warm, dry and windy conditions."

TDP Mortar Fleece™ is a strong, but lightweight, breathable fabric, with an integral waterproof strip to prevent water, snow or debris penetrating wall cavities. It is relatively low cost as it can potentially save contractors a huge amount in mortar costs that would normally be lost to damage from the elements.

Value to the Client

The results of the research have proved popular with contractors, as since TDP Mortar Fleece™ has been made widely available through merchants, sales have surpassed all expectations.

Tim Blackman of TDP commented; "We always believed that the Mortar Fleece™ would prove to be a useful and popular product for builders, but having the confirmation from Lucideon has given our product true credibility in the market place."

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