Solvent Liquid Fuels

Solvent liquid fuels are generated from re-processing hazardous industry waste, usually waste solvent based materials. Typical producers of waste solvent materials include paint manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, spray booths, etc.

As a high energy fuel source, liquid fuels can take the place of traditional fossil fuels in manufacturing processes, in particular the manufacture of cement.

The Challenge

Suppliers enlist Ceram to conduct calorific value analysis to determine the liquid fuel contents, confirm the suitability to end users needs and for general QC. End-users test liquid fuels to ensure the compatibility with their processes and machinery, and to conform to EU ETS emission regulations (UK).

Suppliers and end-users sought UKAS accredited results for the analysis of liquid fuels but unfortunately there was not a laboratory which offered calorific value analysis through UKAS accreditation. Ceram was therefore asked by suppliers and end-users of liquid fuels if UKAS accreditation could be gained for this particular type of analysis.

What We Delivered

Ceram gained UKAS accreditation to ISO 17025 (UKAS accredited laboratory No. 0013) for the analysis of solvent liquid fuels as required by the Environment Agency for EU ETS work. Subsequently, Ceram became the first independent laboratory to obtain UKAS accreditation for solvent liquid fuels.

Value to the Client

Clients are provided with UKAS accredited results for the analysis of samples that allow them to comply with EU ETS emission regulations.

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