Industrial Minerals Manufacturer is Independently Certified by Lucideon

The Challenge

A manufacturer of industrial minerals for refractory use required independent certification of each shipment of sintered magnesia that was dispatched to specific customers in India. Payment for the material was only authorised after the material was shown, by an agreed third party body, to be compliant with the tender documents and that all other points relating to the shipping were reported.

Lucideon (which was at the time called Ceram) was one of only three organizations that the Indian client would approve as a third party body and the only one with direct expertise in refractory materials.

What We Delivered

Lucideon was able to provide onsite verification of the loading, dispatch and sampling.

We provided detailed certification for the client to present to their customer for payment. Certification included both chemical analysis and physical property characterization in the form of bulk density, particle size distribution and crystal size measurement. Details of the shipping consignment were also provided.

For a period, Lucideon acted as observer of the bagging, loading, sampling and dispatch process at the client's plant. This enabled third party verification of batch weights, container numbers and seal numbers.

Value to the Client

The client received third party certification that was both accurate and credible for the end user. Dispatch of overweight consignments was highlighted to the client, which was ultimately addressed by investment in a new bagging facility.

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