Dura Composites

Dura Composites is a global supplier of high strength, low weight composite products for a range of construction, industrial, transport, marine and leisure applications.

The Challenge

Dura Composites wanted to conduct a sustainability review of their Dura Deck (composite decking) product in order to provide their customers with data to make a more informed purchasing decision.

What We Delivered

Our Sustainability Team calculated the lifetime cost of a Dura Deck compared to comparable traditional products, assessed the recycled content of the raw materials used in its manufacture, and developed a comprehensive carbon footprint.

Value to the Client

Our study confirmed Dura Deck's sustainability credentials through its high recycled material content.

Stuart Burns, Director of Dura Composites commented: "Specifiers, architects and contractors are increasingly asking about the sustainability of construction products and we can now provide proactive credible responses to these questions based on the independent assessment carried out by Lucideon. Having this information enables us to tender for supply into major international projects that are being constructed in accordance with sustainability certification schemes such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)."

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