Development of a Ceramic Coil for DEKEMA Dental Keramiköfen GmbH

The Challenge

Dental ceramic furnaces manufacturer, DEKEMA Dental-Keramiköfen GmbH, had developed a design for a new heating element. They turned to Lucideon (then called Ceram) to provide materials expertise to meet requirements for a low wear highly dynamic furnace operation that would also give an improvement in long-term temperature stability.

What We Delivered

Thanks to our knowledge of material formulation and its effect on product performance, we were able to develop a ceramic recipe formulation. Then, our modelling capabilities allowed us to develop and model the heating element virtually before building a prototype using novel forming techniques. The end result was the development of a unique ceramic coil.

The main feature of the new, low weight element support is its capability to operate at high temperature gradients, due to the enhanced material properties combined with its perfectly adapted geometrical design.  In addition, the heating elements have shown excellent resistance to thermal shock and thermal cycling, including the possibility of using the full range of emitted radiation.

Value to the Client

The client was able to turn a design into reality, thanks to Ceram's materials expertise. The new DEKEMA design has been successfully trialled in DEKEMA’s furnaces across the world, especially in Europe and the USA. The client has been able to develop a new product which offers dental laboratories faster and more accurate firing schedules as well as the ability to fire a wide range of products and materials.

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