BT Workstyle 2000

A state-of-the-art BT building (Workstyle 2000) in Brentwood was designed and created to accommodate organisational changes as well as provide high occupant comfort.

The Challenge

Durabella Ltd required 13,000m2 of raised access floor testing in the new Workstyle 2000 building. The area of floor to be tested extended over 9 sections on 3 different floors; all of which had to be tested within a strict timeframe.

What We Delivered

Lucideon (known as Ceram at the time) initially conducted site visits to discuss and plan the quickest and most efficient method for testing the various areas.

Upon commencing the test programme, Lucideon ensured members of the team were always on hand to be in a position to test at short notice, or if necessary to consult and remedy any problems that arose.

Value to the Client

Durabella Ltd was able to provide Ove Arup Specifications with a successful conclusion to the test programme.

Lucideon provided independent advice throughout the site examinations, both before and after installation.

During the investigation programme Lucideon detailed air leakage rate testing on over 13,000m2 of installed access flooring.

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