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Lucideon Publishes White Paper on Controlled Release Technologies for the Agricultural Sector

Lucideon has published a new white paper titled ‘Controlled Release Technologies for the Agricultural Sector’.  The paper discusses a number of the issues that modern day agricultural practices face and how controlled-release technologies could provide alternative delivery mechanisms to help solve them.

Agricultural practices are often supplemented with the use of chemicals to help speed up and promote healthy plant and livestock growth.  The use of chemicals has the potential to lead to environmental problems if they are not applied properly or if chemicals runoff into waterways.

These techniques are coming under closer scrutiny and regulations could end up forcing the agricultural sector to adopt new methods of application to reduce these issues.  This could potentially mean increased costs and reduced crop yields.  Controlled Release Technologies (CRTs) offer a viable alternative to deliver the chemicals in a controlled manner, reducing the risk of unwanted exposure to the environment and waterways.

Ian Campbell, Project Leader, Lucideon, said:

“There is an emphasis on a number of industries to use delivery platforms for chemicals and drugs to help control the way they are used.  In agriculture this can be applied to reducing runoff or improving crop yields, for the pharmaceutical sector it’s desirable to deter the abuse of drugs.

“Controlled Release Technologies are being developed to meet these needs and this white paper discusses a number of the benefits that could be offered to the agricultural sector by using controlled release methods.  The paper also discusses Lucideon’s own controlled release technology, iCRT, an inorganic platform which offers a number of advantages for the control of product release.”

Lucideon provides materials development and testing services through dedicated laboratories in the UK, USA and the Far East.  Lucideon’s expert scientists and engineers also develop novel technologies to meet the needs of the sectors that it serves, and works with partners to develop novel products based on these technologies.

The white paper can be downloaded via the Resources panel on the right of this page.

20 April, 2016

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