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Lucideon is Testing the Suitability of EWI Systems for the Refurbishment of Park Homes

Lucideon has begun testing External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems to ascertain their suitability for park home refurbishment.

Fitting EWI improves both the aesthetic appearance and thermal performance of park homes.

The majority of EWI systems are currently designed and tested to ETAG 004 guidelines; these guidelines do not encompass the performance requirements of park home substrates.

Using their extensive experience of testing EWI systems and knowledge of product failure, Lucideon has designed, in conjunction with industry and insurers, an EWI test specification to ensure systems are ‘fit for use’ on park homes.

The test specification has been evaluated by Ofgem. Once tested, systems that demonstrate conformance can be guaranteed by Kinnell ECO*.

System testing requirements are dependent upon the extent of testing already performed. To accommodate all testing situations, Lucideon offers two specification packages.

Joanne Booth, Technical Manager – Structures & Facilities, says:

“We have now been contracted by several EWI manufacturers to deliver test programmes to enable them to market products that conform to the new testing specification.

“Products that pass our test specification have the advantage of being eligible for insurance cover and government funding.”

For more information about the new EWI test specification for park homes, or to discuss package and system compatibility, contact:

Joanne Booth, Technical Manager - Structures and Facilities
+44 (0)1782 764410 joanne.booth@lucideon.com

*For guarantee purposes Kinnell ECO have produced risk acceptance criteria for park homes. The criteria is available from Nick Edgell: + 44 (0)1524 793371 or nick.edgell@kinnell-holdings.co.uk.

01 September, 2014

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