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QMUL Students Arrive at Lucideon

Lucideon has strengthened its links with QMUL (Queen Mary University of London) with the arrival of two students, Ali Matour and Gin Ching “Eddie” Tan, on a placement year from the University's SEMS (Science Engineering and Materials Science) faculty.

Lucideon, which specializes in developing materials solutions for industrial and commercial applications, already offers QMUL students the opportunity to work with them on industry relevant final year cluster projects.  This relationship sees students remaining at QMUL to perform projects at the business end of science with guidance from Lucideon staff. 

However, this is the first time Lucideon has offered QMUL students the chance to spend a full year working at the company. Eddie and Ali will be working respectively on novel glass powders for drug delivery and sector-based optimization of Lucideon’s MIDAR waste encapsulation technology.

Dr Phil Jackson, Technical Manager, Healthcare, Lucideon, said:

“Ali and Eddie have settled very quickly into their new roles.  During their time here they’ll be exposed to real business related science, tackling industry needs.  This will ensure that they have invaluable experience, both for their studies and going forward into future careers.  For staff at Lucideon it’s always good to have fresh perspectives on our projects and developments. 

“Ali and Eddie are here to learn but they will also be important members of our team for the duration of their placement, and it’s clear from the off that they’re keen to get stuck in and have a lot to offer.  As a business we understand the value of encouragement and giving opportunities to the next generation of materials scientists, so it’s great to see our links with QMUL developing further.”

Lucideon provides materials and technologies development and commercialisation services for a number of industries including healthcare, construction, ceramics, nuclear and power engineering.  From sites in the UK and USA it offers expert consultancy and R&D alongside its state-of-the-art analytical laboratories to an international clientele.  Lucideon's proprietary technologies include inorganic Controlled Release Technology (iCRT) platforms and MIDAR, a sustainable waste encapsulation technology.

07 September, 2016

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