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Lucideon to Present at Pain Therapeutics Conference

Lucideon will be talking about ‘Prescription Drug Abuse – A Critique of Abuse Deterrent Technologies’ at the Pain Therapeutics conference in London on 22 May.

The event will bring together industry leaders to present and discuss the latest developments in safe and effective pain management.  Healthcare product manager at Lucideon, Aia Malik’s presentation will focus on the need for, and the benefits and drawbacks of, abuse deterrent platforms, and will compare existing and developing technologies.

Aia Malik said:

“There is a growing need for abuse deterrent technologies to be applied to pain relief drug products.  This is now being increasingly driven by regulators, due to the significant social and economic impact that prescription drug abuse has had on large parts of society, particularly in the USA and parts of Asia.

“For these reasons, technologies must combat both the accidental misuse and the intentional abuse of drug products as far as is physically possible.  I’ll be talking about some of these technologies, and those in development, the benefits they offer and their potential drawbacks.”

Lucideon experts have vast experience in developing controlled release technologies that offer the range of properties and levels of flexibility required for an effective abuse deterrent platform.  Lucideon’s iCRT-deter is the product of years of research that has led to a versatile, robust and highly tailored abuse deterrent platform.  As well as abuse deterrence, the iCRT platform can be applied to tailoring the release of actives for timed release or environmental triggers, increasing the bioavailability of active ingredients, increase bioactivity in medical materials and improving formulation stability.

To find out more about, or to register for the Pain Therapeutics conference please visit their website

02 May, 2017

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