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Lucideon & Hong Kong STC Extend Collaboration to Offer Asian Manufacturers Wear Testing

Lucideon has announced that it has extended its collaboration agreement with the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC) to include wear testing of orthopaedic hip and knee implants.

The new agreement capitalizes on the expertise of both companies in providing testing and analysis services to the medical device sector.  It will also allow Asian orthopaedic implant manufacturers who export to the EU to have their products tested by an accredited European test house.

The collaboration builds on the work that the two companies have done over the past decade, providing testing of ceramic and glass tableware and tiles in Hong Kong and China.

Lucideon has ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation for the total wear testing of hip joints.  The accreditation encompasses ISO 14242-1 and ISO 14242-2 standards and was awarded by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service).  In addition to wear testing, Lucideon also offers impingement and fatigue testing and debris analysis.  Testing of knee implants is also offered through its facilities in the US.

Steve Newman, Senior Product Manager at Lucideon, said:  “The extension to the agreement means that orthopaedic implant manufacturers will get the benefit of both our and STC’s experience and range of services.

“Asian manufacturers will benefit from having their products tested by a European accredited test house, giving their consumers confidence in the quality and performance of their devices.”

Anne Chuah, General Manager of the Chemical, Food & Pharmaceutical Products Division at STC, said: “We are very pleased to have signed this new agreement with Lucideon, which takes our collaboration to the next level. We look forward to working with Lucideon to satisfy customers from the medical device sector with our expertise and advanced technologies.”

Lucideon also offers materials development and characterization, regulatory approval testing packages, cleanliness validation, process troubleshooting and failure analysis, as well as novel materials technologies, including inorganic controlled release drug delivery platforms.

Lucideon and STC will be running a series of webinars around wear testing and medical device testing in China in May.

22 February, 2016

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