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New Materials Community is Launched

March sees the launch of a new online community for anyone interested in materials.

Founded by Lucideon, the MaterialsMatrix has been built with input from leading materials experts in industry and academia. It will be the go-to place to discuss research, developments, collaborative projects, industry challenges and solutions across a wide range of materials and applications.

Tony Kinsella, CEO of Lucideon, said:

"While there are many great associations that focus on a single material discipline, our vision for the MaterialsMatrix is to build a community that spans a diverse and comprehensive range of materials and sectors. This will enable easy engagement and collaboration across many different disciplines in industry.

"Just as different materials have to work together for different applications, so materials scientists and engineers in different disciplines have to come together to solve challenges and to push the boundaries of what is possible.

"This cross-collaboration is what the MaterialsMatrix will enable and what leading organisations in industry and academia have told us they would like to see."

Caroline Mullington, Technology Partnership Manager, said:

"We've had lots of enthusiasm for the MaterialsMatrix from organizations in industries ranging from defence, nuclear and aerospace to construction and ceramics.

"Collaboration is one of the areas that people are keen to see grow in the community. As anyone who works with materials knows, forming project partnerships to develop materials and technologies is key to progress. As such, a part of the community is focused on collaboration and on funding opportunities."

The MaterialsMatrix community will ultimately be run and governed by a select group of relevant companies, academic institutions and relevant organisations that lead their respective fields in materials science.

The MaterialsMatrix is free to access and can be found at materialsmatrix.org

02 March, 2021

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