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Lucideon Releases New Industry White Paper on Materials Drying Processes

Lucideon has released a new industry white paper titled ‘The Value of Drying - Choosing the Right Equipment and Methods’.

The paper highlights the importance of the drying process in many manufacturing applications, from pharmaceuticals to ceramics, and how optimizing the drying process can lead to improved products.  Effective drying can help to improve the performance of products, extend shelf life and help prevent defects.  The paper is written by Lucideon’s Dr Gilda Gasparini, a chemical engineer with many years’ experience in optimizing drying processes within industry.

Gilda said:

“Drying processes, in manufacturing environments that involve water or solvents, are very important to the quality of the end product.  Choosing the right equipment and method for the product can be difficult, but getting this right has major benefits for the manufacturer.

“Drying can be costly and energy intensive however, and optimizing the process is important to ensure that costs are kept down and that the practice is as efficient as possible.  In the white paper I discuss some of the key considerations to achieve this and provide more detail on how and why drying is so important.”

Lucideon provides materials development, consultancy and testing and analysis services to a wide range of industries.  From its state-of-the-art laboratories in the UK and USA Lucideon offers industry leading drying process consultancy to optimize its clients’ procedures, maximizing cost efficiency and product quality.  This can be achieved by identifying the ideal parameters in drying processes or by analyzing different drying technologies to assess the best investment.  Lucideon’s pilot scale capabilities reduce any potential disruption to existing manufacturing processes.

The white paper can be downloaded via the Resources panel on the right of this page.

01 May, 2017

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