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Lucideon Welcomes International Students on Biodensol Project Placements

Lucideon welcomes three international students on the 7th framework European project ‘Biodensol’.  The three students involved with the project have now begun an intense training period before they embark on developing novel glass, ceramic and sol-gel powders with dental applications.

Biodensol, which is run as a collaboration between Lucideon and the University of Lyon, provides support for three PhD students undertaking projects to develop improved dental products, with applications such as re-mineralization of teeth.  The project is designed to help build relations between academic and commercial research to enhance medical innovations.

Phil Jackson, Healthcare Technical Manager at Lucideon, said: “We are very pleased to be a part of this exciting project and to support the students with our materials expertise and industry insight.  They will spend a few months getting to grips with our technologies and glass powder creation and characterization before starting to identify a specialism and beginning to develop new technologies.

“The Biodensol project has some great real world applications.  For that reason we’re also giving all of the students a view of how to perform science in a business environment”.

The three students are Federico Lizzi, Vincenzo Farano and Delihta Fernando (pictured right, left and centre).  They have risen to the challenge of a PhD which demands high levels of chemistry and biology knowledge.  All three currently study at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and come from a Chemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology and Biomechanical Engineering academic background, respectively.  Lucideon is also involved in the EU-funded project, HyMedPoly, which will see 15 PhD students, trained by the company researching novel glasses and polymers with antibacterial properties.  Lucideon has expertise in glass, ceramic and polymer technology for use in novel materials for a range of industry sectors as well as healthcare.

28 July, 2015

Biodensol Students

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