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Lucideon to Present at the Ceramics Expo

Lucideon's Dr Carolyn Grimley will be presenting at the Ceramics Expo that is taking place in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 30 August - 1 September 2021.

Carolyn, commercial ceramics engineer, will be talking about Flash Sintering and the impact this technology could have on the ceramics industry.

A vital step in the production of most ceramic products, sintering, a process that has changed very little over the past 1000 years, improves mechanical strength and increases density, but comes at a high energy cost.

Flash Sintering sees an electric field applied to ceramic material during the sintering process, which reduces the time and temperature required. The technique provides a fully controlled solution that can also be applied to complex geometries, opening its application up to a wide range of products across traditional ceramics, and advanced ceramics used in telecommunication, space and defence applications.

Carolyn will present on the second day (1st September) at 12:40PM.

The Lucideon team will also be exhibiting at the event, showcasing their materials and process consultancy services, including materials, product and process improvement, failure analysis, as well as their range of disruptive materials technologies.

» Visit the Ceramic Expo website to find out more about the event.

01 July, 2021

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