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Lucideon to Present at the ASM Thermal Spray Characterization 2017 Event

Lucideon will present at the ASM (American Society for Metals) event, Thermal Spray Characterization 2017.

This event will focus on the past, present and future methods of characterization of thermal spray materials.  Lucideon's Gary Kagel, Microprobe Analyst, will present his paper on 'Advantages of Electron Microprobe Analysis in the Characterization of Thermal Spray Coatings'.

Gary said:

"Coatings are extremely important for a wide range of industries, and analysing the makeup and distribution of coatings is key to understanding, predicting and ensuring the performance of the product.  New technologies have emerged in recent years that allow for ever more detailed analysis of coatings.

"The addition of coatings can be very important, as it can help components operate in much higher temperatures than they would otherwise be able to, and can coat devices for implantation into the body to make them more biocompatible.  It’s therefore important to have the right analysis of your coatings, and the right interpretations.  Electron microprobe analysis allows for analysis and the determination of a wide range of elements present in the coating, plus other advantages I'll be discussing at the event."

Lucideon materials experts provide materials development and consultancy work to a wide range of industries, including Healthcare, Power Generation and Aerospace.  Applying their depth of knowledge Lucideon’s scientists and engineers help clients to understand their materials, products, processes and technologies through testing and analysis using state-of-the-art analytical instruments at its laboratories in the UK and US.

01 February, 2017

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