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Lucideon to Host Webinar for Investigating Concrete Failures Onsite

Lucideon will be hosting a free-to-attend webinar, ‘An Introduction to Investigating Failure Analysis of Onsite Hardened Concrete’, on Thursday 25 October 2018 at 15:00 UK time (10:00 EDT).

Hardened concrete can show failures in many ways, from low compressive strength, surface scaling and spalling, through to cracking, exposure of reinforcement and collapse. Failures can be a result of environmental conditions, chemical exposure, and design and/or construction faults.

Visual inspections and testing can be used in conjunction to understand failure mechanisms. Analysing failures enables repair methods to be chosen, establishes the consequences, and apportions responsibility.

During the webinar, the analysis process will be discussed. This will include: initial visual examination; non-destructive testing; physical sampling and sampling techniques; destructive testing (laboratory analysis and techniques); and interpreting reports.

The webinar presenter, Joanne Booth, business manager for construction at Lucideon, commented:

“This webinar will provide some insights into the different techniques available for investigating in-situ concrete failures and look at how the results can be used to select the appropriate repair methodologies.”

Lucideon provides testing and consultancy services throughout the concrete production process, from materials selection/characterization, in-situ use and failures, through to demolition and recycling at the end of its life.

Services for concrete include raw material evaluations, failure analysis, conformance testing and CE marking, admixtures testing, concrete testing and condition monitoring.

[Registration for this webinar has now closed].

06 September, 2018

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