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Lucideon - The New Name for CICS

Lucideon has completed the final stage of its extensive rebrand, by bringing CICS, its international sustainability assurance provider, under its new group title.

Earlier this year, Lucideon became the new name for the world-renowned materials development, testing and analysis companies Ceram and M+P Labs, who – along with CICS - were all part of the same group.

From 1 April 2014, CICS - which has its UK headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent and US headquarters in Houston, Texas - joins the Lucideon name, in a move designed to bring all three companies under the same banner.

CICS' new company name will be Lucideon CICS Limited and is the accredited body that provides all assurance services.

As well as bringing CICS together under one identity with other businesses in its group, the change will also help grow the business, which offers sustainability assurance and management systems certification, materials development and testing and analysis to clients around the globe.

Lucideon is a name that has been chosen carefully. It is made up of two words with ‘Lucid’, as in making things clear and intelligible, and ‘Eon’ meaning a period of time.

The company will be given a fresh look as a result of the change of identity, with a new logo, signage and website.

Shaun Bainbridge, Director, said: “We’d like to reassure clients that it’s just our name that’s changing.  Everything else, from the people you speak to, to the great service you associate with CICS will stay the same.

“The single group identity will help us to grow as a business, as the brand becomes increasingly known for being an independent authority on sustainability assurance.

“We hope clients will support the new name and that Lucideon will become as familiar to them as CICS is now.”

Working with clients around the world, Lucideon provides sustainability assurance under regulated and voluntary schemes and management systems certification.

04 March, 2014

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