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Lucideon Publishes White Paper on Pharmaceutical Abuse Deterrence

Lucideon has published a new white paper, ‘Abuse Deterrence for the Pharmaceutical Market’

Written by Aia Malik, Healthcare Product Manager and Gemma Budd, Healthcare Business Manager, the paper discusses the requirements for abuse deterrent solutions for pharmaceutical products and what technologies are being developed to meet this.  The authors explore the current crisis surrounding prescription drug abuse and the available technologies that are currently helping to combat this issue.  They also look at the potential solutions of future technologies.

Lucideon develops a wide range of in-house technologies which are utilised by industry partners to develop the latest innovative products for market.  Lucideon’s experts have developed a new inorganic drug delivery platform with abuse deterrent features, iCRT (Inorganic Controlled-Release Technology), which offers a range of improvements on existing controlled-release systems in terms of drug abuse deterrence.

Aia Malik said: “Prescription drug abuse has become a big problem globally with South Asia and the USA seeing the worst cases.

“Prescription drug abuse can be directly linked to an increase in deaths, financial burden and strain on healthcare services.  The development of drug delivery platforms that deter abuse is important to combat this and ensure the availability of prescription drugs for those who really need them.  In addition to having a range of deterrent properties, iCRT is highly versatile allowing for tailored products to be designed to suit each individual application.”

Lucideon works closely with its industry partners to develop technologies for a wide range of industries including healthcare, construction and ceramics.  As well as in-house technology development Lucideon provides extensive testing and product development services, providing expert knowledge with a solutions based approach.

The white paper can be downloaded via the Resources panel on the right of this page.

01 July, 2015

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