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Lucideon Publishes New White Paper for the Dentistry Industry

Lucideon has published a new white paper titled ‘Inorganic Powders in Dentistry’. Written by Dr Phil Jackson, Technical Manager, Healthcare, Lucideon, the paper highlights the application of inorganic materials in tooth repair and maintenance as well as the impact inorganic powders are having on developing technologies.

The white paper, which is free to download, discusses the processes involved in producing and applying inorganic powders for dentistry and highlights a number of developing technologies and the advantages they could bring. Teeth undergo a lot of pressure, both mechanically and chemically, throughout their lifetime and both restorative and preventative solutions are commonly used. New technologies look to reduce the number of treatments that are needed for an average person while restoring, maintaining or even enhancing normal tooth functionality.

Dr Phil Jackson, said:

“A lot of dentistry processes and materials have remained the same for a long time.  Current methods for fillings, crowns etc. involve materials that offer impressive medium to long-term mechanical and aesthetic functions.

“However, with emerging inorganic technologies we are seeing novel materials being developed which can also extend lifetimes further. Possible mechanisms include selective filler dissolution to encourage enamel/dentine regrowth and the provision of antibacterial properties over time.”

Lucideon develops and commercializes novel materials and technologies to meet industry demands and deliver advantage to its partners.  The company works closely with partners from the healthcare, construction, ceramics, nuclear and aerospace and defence sectors to develop commercial technologies with real industry applications.

The white paper can be downloaded via the Resources panel on the right of this page.

05 July, 2016

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