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Lucideon Publishes New White Paper for Concrete Petrographic Analysis

Lucideon is pleased to announce that it is has published a new white paper, ‘The Concreting Process and Petrographic Examination’.

Free-to-download, the white paper is informative for a broad range of sectors, including manufacturers, contractors, architects, local government, facilities managers and engineers.

The paper provides an overview of the concreting process and discusses how petrographic analysis identifies the root cause of common failures in hardened concrete; low compressive strength, surface scaling and spalling, cracking, alkali-aggregate reactions, and effects of chemical reaction.

The paper is primarily for site cast concrete, however much of the content is also applicable to precast concrete.

Petrographic testing usually begins with a detailed visual examination followed by a combination of analytical techniques, including surface and chemical analysis and microscopy. Within the concrete, the features of interest are examined: aggregates, cement paste matrix, crack surfaces, air void distribution and filling, and embedded reinforcement.

Using petrographic analysis to examine concrete can provide many benefits, from assessing the entrained air content and determining the present condition of previously placed concrete, to establishing the water/cement ratio and defining cracks by type and uncovering crack mechanisms.

Author of the paper, Dale L. Purvis, leader of special projects at Lucideon, said:

“At Lucideon, our petrographic analysis provides clients with detailed reports focused on the specific attributes in question. We are able to provide answers to a whole host of questions, from has it cured correctly, to establishing the geological provenance of the stone, through to examining the corrosion of reinforced concrete.

“Ultimately, petrographic analysis can help confirm whether the defects will affect the concrete performance or if they are just surface flaws.”

Lucideon provides petrographic analysis of concrete, mortars, building stone and other geological materials to evaluate the integrity of concrete and understand the mineralogy of materials.

Petrographic analysis at Lucideon is carried out in accordance with both European and American standards: BS 1881-211:2016, ASTM C295, ASTM C856 and ASTM C457.

The free white paper can be downloaded via the Resources panel on the right of this page.

24 July, 2018

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