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Lucideon Launches New Colour Standards for the Printing Industry

Lucideon is pleased to introduce its latest colour standards product, which has been produced specifically for the printing industry – Lucideon Printing Standards.

The robust Printing Standards set is ideal for the print industry as, unlike paper-based standards, they will not fade over time and are not easily soiled. The standards themselves are available in a range of finishes: glossy, matt and semi-matt. The mount which holds the standards has been designed to enable the instrument optics to remain on the same plane as the standards, thus providing easy and accurate measurements every time.

Manufactured using leading-edge technology, the Lucideon Colour Standards are stable, durable, non-fluorescent and easy to use. The standards are also internationally recognised as the leading standards for colour measurement and calibration, and suitable for ISO 9000 Quality Control Procedures, providing colour control confidence in any instrument.

Sean Hillman, Business Manager - Colour Standards, said:

“These standards provide a stable reference in the unstable world of colour, giving you the peace of mind you need. The standards will help the print industry to update its systems to become more efficient, in an affordable manner.”

The standards have an initial set-up fee of £100, with an annual rental cost of £150 for the glossy, £175 for the matt and £200 for the semi-matt sets.

Each set consists of 7 chromatic standards for spectral response, 2 colour difference standards, 3 neutral grey standards for photo linearity, and a black and white. The complete set of 14 is provided in a lightweight protective case to ensure the standards are kept in perfect condition.

To find out more information about the new Printing Standards, please contact:

Sean Hillman, Business Manager - Colour Standards
+44 (0)1782 764321 or sean.hillman@lucideon.com

16 March, 2015

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