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Lucideon Launches Digital Image Correlation Service - 3DStrain

Lucideon is pleased to announce the launch of its new Digital Image Correlation (DIC) testing service, 3DStrain, which allows materials to be analysed under pressures and strains, generating in-depth data and visual imagery to monitor the distribution of stress.

3DStrain is a digital imaging technique that can provide vital insights and understanding into performance, durability and failure analysis of a material.  The technology allows analysis of all sorts of products from small scale materials right up to large scale structures like bridges.  It can be applied to most materials and any geometry no matter how complex.

Steve Newman, Product Manager at Lucideon, said,

“This is a valuable service that we will be able to offer to our clients and is complimented by our expertise in materials across a range of sectors, including healthcare and construction.

“With Lucideon you get the expert knowledge, as well as the technology, to make sense of the results and help develop products.  Our cross industry knowledge and the versatile nature of 3DStrain mean we can offer expert analysis for smaller products such as orthopaedic implants and medical devices, right up to large structures such as suspended flooring.”

3DStrain is a mobile technology and testing can be performed on site or in the field for larger or fixed structures.  Products can be tested to failure or a non-destructive approach can be taken.

Lucideon also offers materials development and characterization, regulatory approval testing packages, cleanliness validation, process troubleshooting and failure analysis, using its chemical, physical, mechanical and surface analysis capabilities.

07 April, 2015

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