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Lucideon Helps to Organize Field Enhanced Sintering Conference

Lucideon's Flash Sintering (FS) manager, Dr David Pearmain, is on the organizing committee of the Electric Field Enhanced Processing of Advanced Materials II: Complexities and Opportunities conference that is taking place in Tomar, Portugal, 10-15 March 2019.

The conference will bring together experienced and new scientists, from both industry and academia, to discuss current work and future developments in field enhanced sintering technologies.  The aim of the meeting is also to promote collaborations in this area at a time when the novel effects of electrical fields on processing and properties of advanced materials is becoming increasingly of interest.

Field enhanced processing of materials includes flash sintering, microwave sintering, spark-plasma-sintering, and superplastic softening of ceramics under electric fields. Indeed hybrid technology development will be in the limelight as rapid advances in these technologies are being realised.

Lucideon has developed and is commercializing its own flash sintering technology. With customized application development ongoing, across many ceramic sectors, with in house capacity for scale up to manufacturing trials.

Flash sintering is a rapid process compared to conventional sintering routes, thus affecting the productivity and cost of ceramics manufacture via a reduction in furnace temperature and sintering times.  It also allows the sintering of novel materials, enabling new products to be developed, especially in those sectors that use technical ceramics, such as the healthcare sector, electroceramics and aerospace and defense sectors.

Dr Andre Prette, Lucideon's flash sintering technical manager, is giving a presentation at the event.  His talk, entitled 'Flash sintering of injection molded zirconia under AC electric field for enhancement of optical properties' will take place on Monday 11 March.

Lucideon and The University of Warwick's Gareth Jones will also be presenting work titled 'Flash Sintering of Beta Alumina Solid Electrolyte for Sodium Battery Applications' that has been done in collaboration with Ionotec Ltd. 

Lucideon is currently undergoing a recruitment drive for scientists in the area of field enhanced sintering technologies.  Dr David Pearmain, Flash Sintering business manager, will be on hand at the event to talk to interested parties about career opportunities at Lucideon.

» For further details visit the conference website

26 February, 2019

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